Do you recognise this voice?


Can you identify the singer?

Gypsy Girl is the new single from The Rah Band, and band founder Richard Hewson, who lives near Steyning, would love to know who is singing it.

The band has unearthed a hidden track from its vaults and is now launching a global search to find the ‘lost vocalist’. Is it you?

Gypsy Girl is released on February 9.

With two top 10 UK chart hits, plus a stellar production list including The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, Chris Rea and Herbie Hancock to name just a few, The Rah Band have been chart-masters within the industry since the 70s.

But they’ve lost the name of the singer on the new single.

Gypsy Girl was forgotten for many years while the band turned their attention to creating albums and chart hits, both for themselves and for the likes of Paul McCartney, Shakin’ Stevens, Diana Ross and Carly Simon.

But the track was accidentally rediscovered in 2018 when Richard was clearing out his garage.

He found a forgotten tape box while looking for something else; the box was simply entitled ‘Gipsy Girl/The Rah Band’, no date or name of vocalist… nothing else.

Richard dusted it off and ran it through his trusty multi-track machine, and it played perfectly as though it had been recorded yesterday. But he just can’t recall the name of the vocalist.

The story goes that the Rah Band commissioned a well-known session singer for a day of vocals on the track, way back in mid to late 90s.

However, due to a double booking, an unknown but highly-talented vocalist was sent as a stand-in. The mystery singer ripped the roof off the studio, Richard recalls, and charmed everyone he met. But at the end of a long day and with the vocals laid, the weary production team parted for the evening, leaving the vocalist to leave without a trace… no name, no address, simply a moment in time captured within the vocal recording.

Now, 20 years on, The Rah Band are liberating the long-lost Gypsy Girl to a fresh generation of listeners… in the hope that they can name the singer. If it’s you, or if you recognise the voice, get in touch via

Richard said the single was recorded in London in a studio which no longer exists: “I just can’t place the voice. I can’t even say ‘Oh yes, it sounds like so and so.’ But the voice is excellent. He has got a really good rock voice. We were mostly into dance records and disco music and so on, but this guy has got, to me, a great rock sound which really works on this track.”

Richard love to know his name. And as he says, if the singer hears it, he will know himself immediately: “But he may have gone abroad. He might not be in the music business any more. He might not even be alive still.”

But who knows, if the track gets some exposure, Richard might just one day be able to put a name to the voice: “On the box there is no date. It just says CBS or CTS studios… and I don’t really know any more than that.”

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