Florence and the Machine wows the Brighton Centre

Florence and the Machine
Florence and the Machine

Florence Welch graced a sold out Brighton Centre last night (November 25), bringing her soaring vocals and theatrical stage presence to the seaside city.

Opening with new track ‘June’, Florence and the Machine entered with a dramatic and enticing start. Walking on stage onto a vast, beautifully-crafted wooden set; the production feels somewhat subdued and calmer than previous shows.

The set list comprised of fan favourites and new material, with tracks from the band's debut album ‘Lungs’, second album ‘Ceremonials’ and third album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'.

Speaking to the audience, Florence said: “I never get nervous for shows, I only get nervous about the speaking parts!”.

Playing ‘Dog Days are Over’, Florence had a request to her audience: “I want everyone to put their phones away for this one. This may be the only time you experience this song live, so I want everyone to make the most of it!”

Performing other hits including ‘Ship to Wreck’ and ‘Cosmic Love’, Florence then brought Act One to a close with a euphoric performance of ‘Delilah’ and ‘What Kind of Man’, leaving the stage to run through the crowd.

Returning for the encore to play ‘Big God’ and ‘Shake it Out’, the band brought the show to a close with glitter showering down over the crowds.

Truly the queen of audience participation, Florence interacted with her fans throughout the show; from running through crowds to waiting at the front of the audience at the end to meet fans. She managed to bring the same mesmerising beauty, elegance and grace to the performance she is renowned for, while still managing to bring back subtle touches of her wilder days from earlier tours.

Florence and the Machine brings a reminder in today’s music scene that sometimes less is more. A memorable show shouldn’t be reliant on dancers and special effects. Instead, stunning vocals, an impressive band and a well-devised set list showing the best material from their discography is enough to make a lasting impression on any fan.