From busk till dawn: Buskers in Brighton and Hove

Whether they are using their bike as a drumming kit, passing through on their way to Germany, or making their daily living, buskers can always been seen dotted around Brighton and Hove.

With Brighton Fringe right around the corner, it’s easy to forget the live music on our streets every day.

Here are some of the best buskers playing in Brighton this month and where you can find them:

Jennie Moloney with Shane McFyre

Jennie has been busking since the age of 16 and has found herself lighting up the streets of Brighton ever since moving from Southend.

She has recently taken to performing alongside a co-star Shane McFyre, a professional fire-breather.

“It’s quite a new thing for me.

“Usually I busk by myself, but it’s quite nice to combine these two different worlds.

“Obviously it's two different styles of art. I’m used to more of the music world so it’s nice to go into a different space – it’s a different type of performing for me.”

Even though the council’s website declares that busking is not subject to license, Jennie has faced complaints from shop owners because of the attention.

Yet she said her music attracts crowds whenever she plays.

You can find Jenny playing on New Road outside Brighton Pavilion gardens.

You can find more of Jennie’s music on Facebook.

Jonny Ukebox, 35

Jonny, originally from the Isle of Wight, got into busking after running into a childhood friend while travelling in Asia with little options available to support his travels.

“‘I had nothing to do, or no idea about a job. So it sort of worked out well. It was a good accident.”

He has spent the better part of five years busking and travelling in Australia and only recently returned to the UK.

“I play stuff from all around the shop. I’m trying to learn little jazz songs on the Uka [ukulele] at the moment.

“But I play a lot of classic tunes with a few modern twists as well. I’d like to think it’s quite eclectic.”

​Jonny can be found by the seafront on a sunny day.

Rosemary Yung

Rosemary has busked her way around Hong Kong, her home country, Japan, Italy, multiple restaurants, as well as swathes of Europe before finally landing here in the UK.

Rosemary plays the pipa, also called the Chinese lute, and has been learning the instrument since the age of eight after being taught in a music academy.

“Brighton is full of energy I think.

“Now it’s okay but in the summer, it’s a bit too much, too many people.

“They’re too noisy for me – for my style of music.”

Rosemary has now moved to Eastbourne but occasionally busks in Brighton.

“I’m always moving from town to town.

“I feel a bit weird if I stay in a place for too long.”

She even busked in the snow during the 'Beast from the East' and her favourite place to perform is Venice.

Next, she is thinking of visiting Dublin, so catch her in the Pavilion Gardens before her next adventure.

David Osborne

Most people wouldn’t think to start experimenting with drums and percussion whilst repairing a bike puncture, but that’s exactly how David Osborne’s invented Puncture Kit, an innovative display of combing both bike and drums into own musical tool.

David is a solo drummer who spent a year traveling around Malawi in north Africa.

His approach to his drumming is mainly self-taught through studying many drummers and musicians.

He plays outside Churchill Square Shopping Centre where you can see his kit in action.

Djinn Maurey

Professional violinist and player of more than six instruments, Djinn Maurey is a musical whirlwind capable of catching the ear of even the most stubborn passer-by.

Djinn is in the UK after travelling in Spain for three months and will be in England for another month before heading to Germany.

“I like the ocean; the ocean is really nice.

​“It’s okay, it’s decent – I don’t vibe super, super well with England, but it’s okay.”

Honest about his experiences, Djinn plans on taking his talents with him back to the continent for a further exploration of southern Europe.

He says Spain is his favourite place to busk.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Djinn plays guitar, violin, clarinet and saxophone, drums and piano.

‘I’m a performer, it’s part of who I am.’

Watch Djinn play in Churchill Square while you still can, or check out his Facebook page.


Ian has been busking around Brighton for over ten years and never fails to please passers-by with a boost classic 80s rock.

You can usually find Ian at Hove Station playing at around 3pm.