Review: Diversity at the Brighton Centre

With flawless dance routines, bold personalities and phenomenal passion for their art, Britain's favourite dance crew, Diversity, left audiences on the edge of their seats on Tuesday evening (April 18).

Thursday, 20th April 2017, 4:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:31 pm

After two hours of a world-class performance, 3,340 people jumped to their feet to give a standing ovation at The Brighton Centre.

The show began with a pre-recorded video on a giant screen, which had Ashley Banjo luring the audience into the science-fiction world in which ‘The Protectors’, Banjo and his brother Jordan, Sam and Mitchell Craske, Warren Russell, Terry Smith, Perri Kiely and Ike Chuks must defeat ‘The Destroyer’ once and for all.

They embark on the journey to test their physical strengths, prove their superpowers and ultimately save the world.

The Genesis Tour concludes the story from their successful 2015 Limitless: The Reboot tour.

Diversity first appeared on stage by descending on a platform in denim attire and the crowd’s response was electric.

After a slightly out of sync start, the crew pulled it together from the second set onwards. Energy levels remained high from start to finish as their entire performance oozed passion and determination.

They showcased their exceptional dancing skills and fluidity through beautifully choreographed routines which incorporated a variety of genres from contemporary to tutting to break dance.

A cast of dancers, singers and musicians contributed their phenomenal creative abilities, mesmerising the crowd and creating fluid transitions between sets.

To balance out all the action and adventure, Banjo showcased his exceptional range of dance skills when he and a cast member performed a romantic, contemporary routine.

As the event came to an end, Banjo took to the microphone to personally thank the audience for their support. His ability to communicate in a humble and appreciative manner truly won the hearts of the audience.