Second sculpture planned for Hove Plinth

Plans for a second sculpture to be displayed on Hove Plinth are now in early stages.

Monday, 25th March 2019, 10:04 am
Updated Monday, 25th March 2019, 10:11 am
Flight of the Langoustine by Brighton sculptor Pierre Diamantopoulo

Hove Civic Society, the group behind the plinth on the seafront, is now looking to raise £135,000 for the artwork.

The second sculpture to adorn the plinth will be Flight of the Langoustine by Brighton sculptor Pierre Diamantopoulo. It was one of three sculptures to be chosen by a public vote in 2015.

Hove Plinth and its first sculpture, Constellation, was officially inaugurated on April 21 2018 by the Mayor of Brighton & Hove on Hove seafront.

Flight of the Langoustine by Brighton sculptor Pierre Diamantopoulo

Inspired by the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London, Hove Plinth will host a new sculpture every one to two years.

The sculptures will then be found permanent sites in the city.

Diamantopoulo is a sculptor of national and international reputation and this will be his first sculpture to be exhibited in his home city.

Inspired by a discarded and mangled lobster pot found while beachcombing, Diamantopoulo first created a model of this sculpture in a studio under the King’s Road arches. In his imagination the washed-up object that seemingly helped lobsters escape became a human story of exodus and release – a dash for freedom.

The sculpture is made up of four life-size bronze figures flying through a broken steel grid.

Pierre Diamantopoulo said: “In ‘Flight of the Langoustine’ as in much of my work, a liberating energy is combined with a profound sense of unrest.

"These androgynous and anonymous figures are often seen flying in defiance or fleeing, challenged by their environment - a metaphor for a precarious state of living or existence.

"Truly transcending the confines of the ground, the figures are at once profound, frivolous and boisterous, occupying the air like a flock of birds and inspired by modern dance choreography. "

Each of the bronze figures will cost £30,000 to produce and the overall final cost of the sculpture is £135,000.

A fundraising drive has begun following initial contributions from The Headley Trust, Hove Business Association, Collectors Selection Open House and The Arts Society East Sussex.

The plan is for the sculpture to be installed in 2020 but final date will depend on how soon funds can be raised.

The sculpture cannot be fully commissioned until all the funding is secured, Hove Civic Society said.

Karin Janzon, project director at Hove Civic Society, said: "We are very excited at the prospect of seeing this sculpture mounted on Hove Plinth in the future.

"We are inviting everyone to contribute to this amazing addition to the seafront and will shortly have an online donation platform ready. We also have a sponsor pack for major donors which highlights the benefits major donors can expect depending on level of support and interest.

"We would be delighted to meet and discuss the project with potential supporters."

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