Break into a bank vault and get out before the cops arrive at this new Brighton escape room

The Brighton Indy team escape the vault
The Brighton Indy team escape the vault

If you've ever fancied robbing a bank vault with the help of a cockney getaway driver then this is the escape room for you.

This quirky new Brighton game at Presuming Ed’s Coffee House on London Road will see you avoiding lasers, rifling through top secret files and cracking codes to get your hands on piles of bank notes.

It’s the first escape room in the UK which integrates Whatsapp so that players can communicate with their vault robbery getaway driver, Terrance for clues.

You’ve got 40 minutes to rob the vault of crooked millionaire and arms dealer Charles Fawkley before the boys in blue turn up.

There’s a bit of a Robin Hood vibe to this game – Mr Fawkley is definitely a bad guy. That’s added to the fact that ten per cent of the ticket price – which at a tenner per person is cheap for an escape room – goes to one of three charities.

We arrived at Presuming Ed’s slightly early and sat outside with a beer before our challenge began. We were met by co-creator Will who told us a bit about the game and what to expect.

Escape the Vault at Presuming Ed's

Escape the Vault at Presuming Ed's

He linked us up with ‘Tezza’ on WhatsApp, and our descent into criminal activity began. Receiving our instructions from the helpful but terrifying Tezza, we were on our way.

Locating the bank vault at the back of the coffee house, we had to break in but avoid the lasers installed to deter scallywags like us.

Once we were in, the real fun began. There were lockboxes, suitcases and safes to unlock, each with unique codes which could be deciphered with clues all around us.

We got off to a good start, and quickly discovered a set of files which told us just what kind of man we were dealing with.

Can you escape the vault before the boys in blue turn up?

Can you escape the vault before the boys in blue turn up?

It’s the first escape room we’ve done – and team Indy have now completed a few – where it’s completely automated. You text codes to Tezza for clues on certain tricky puzzles and you’ll get an automated message back.

We did get to a point where we were stuck and got the wrong end of the stick, which meant we would have been caught by the cops and banged up for our exploits, but happily, we were allowed to continue, and escaped the vault with Fawkley’s bank details in just under 50 minutes.

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