New Brighton bar and restaurant from the team behind The Salt Room and The Coal Shed.

A new venue which promises to be “not quite a restaurant, not quite a bar” is set to open in Brighton in June.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 12:23 am
Designs for a terrace area at Burnt Orange

A new venue which promises to be “not quite a restaurant, not quite a bar” is set to open in Brighton in June.

The Burnt Orange, in Middle Street, is the latest venture from acclaimed restaurateur Razak Helalat and will also feature a specially curated music programme from Norman Cook - DJ Fatboy Slim.

A spokesperson said: ”Burnt Orange is Brighton’s new grown-up drinking and dining spot - ideal for a long-overdue get together with friends that will roll late into the night.

Oysters at Burnt Orange

“Mimicking the Mediterranean dining culture, Burnt Orange will introduce one of Brighton’s first all-day and late-night drinking and dining venues to the city’s discerning food scene. With great music and a relaxed vibe, Burnt Orange will become a space where guests can enjoy well-made drinks whilst feasting over wood-fired dishes until the early hours, all mixed in seamlessly over the carefully curated soundtracks.

It’s based on the site of 16th Century former coach house, and its most recent incarnation was a pub and restaurant called The Coach House.

The food menu at Burnt Orange comes from head chef Peter Dantanus, one of the long-standing chefs from the venue’s sister restaurant The Salt Room.

The basis of the menu, as with The Coal Shed and The Salt Room, is well-sourced, high quality seasonal ingredients cooked predominantly over fire.

It aims to offer a casual style of eating and drinking with dishes are designed for casual grazing, alongside a selection of larger plates cooked over open fire, from Shawarma Pork Belly, Date Molasses and Pickled Fennel Salad to Charcoal-Roasted Octopus, Harissa Butter and Pine Nuts.

An extensive cocktail will include its eponymous cocktail, the Burnt Orange Gin Martini, which combines Salcombe Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc and grilled orange skin, and the Majorelle Julep, a refreshing mix of Tanqueray Gin, fresh pomegranate, pink grapefruit, honey and mint.

Razak said: “Over the past couple of years, I’ve had countless conversations with friends and loyal customers about the need for a totally new space. Something different - not quite a restaurant, not quite a bar - but somewhere that combines great food and amazing drinks with the right music.

“It’s somewhere you can catch up with friends, hang out and just have fun! Our vision for Burnt Orange is just that, “Right Here, Right Now” and we can’t wait to open our doors this summer.”

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