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Weather in Brighton
  • Primary schools pressure
    Nearly half the primary schools in Brighton and Hove
    are over-subscribed with applications simply from
    parents who put them as their top choice.

    New figures provide powerful evidence of the pressure
    on primary school places caused by some of the highest
    birth rates since the post-war baby boom of the
    1950s. In some cases, children need to live less than
    400 metres from the school of their choice, if they are
    to stand a chance of a place.
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  • Free parking for hotel guests
    A six-month trial scheme offering free parking to
    hotel guests will be start from Good Friday. It
    would mean staying visitors could park for free
    all weekend in Hove's Norton Road car park.

    Under the plan, hotels would register the guest's
    car number with the Pay by Phone service. This
    would exempt them from getting a parking ticket
    as enforcement staff can check registered car
    numbers on their mobile devices.
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  • March for England
    Sunday, April 27 sees the 'March for England'
    (MFE) return, once again to the Brighton

    The event – which has in previous years been
    almost eclipsed by the huge numbers of counter
    protester lining the route of the march, and
    caused violent clashes between the two sides -
    is controversial to say the least.

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  • The vineyards of Sussex
    I am sure, when you think of vineyards, you think
    of the sunflower-filled fields of the south of
    France, the rolling hills of Tuscany, or the
    sun-baked planes of the Spanish Rioja. Not
    the rolling hills of the South Downs.

    You may be surprised then to hear that in our
    very own county there are scores of wine-makers
    currently making a name for themselves on the
    world wine scene.
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